Camp F3TCH 2017 assists fathers in the process of forging a meaningful relationship with Their Children regardless of how much time they have with them. There are many groups, organizations, and politicians fighting the biased family court system for equal/shared parenting rights and while such laws are debated, millions of children are growing up in broken homes with little to no involvement from their father. The fact is 83% of all fathers that face divorce have less than 50% custody of Their Children and many of these children become troubling statistics of our bias society. We aim to bridge that gap and better assist in the true betterment of these children’s lives by acting as more of a medic than a solder within this cause.  Our organization logo reflects much of our beliefs here at and one of these core beliefs is that they are not “his children” or “her children”- they are “Their Children!” Our nation’s children have the great chance of success if they have the full love and support of both parents and this is why we always capitalize Their Children. Another core belief is centered upon the “3” that not only represents the three “f’s” in, “fathers fighting for Their Children’s hearts”- it is a symbolism of the Holy Trinity.  Our meeting place is at Bethel United Methodist; however, our approach is denomination friendly... as it is our goal to ensure all faiths attending feel comfortable- especially those who do not believe!



Carly Deyton