The primary goal of f3TCh is to help enrich the lives of children from broken homes and the relationship they have with their father.


Who is f3TCh and what do they do?


We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping fathers fortify and rebuild relationships with their children. Children who grow up without their father's influence and guidance account for a majority of the troubling statistics facing our youth. Considering 83% of fathers that face divorce or have a child out of wedlock end up with less than 50% custodial time and influence over Their Children- there are millions of children growing up with a very limited amount of time with their father.

We aim to help enrich the lives of these children and protect them from becoming another statistic by helping their fathers make the most of any time given. We do this by hosting outdoor events that are designed to help improve father and child engagement, fortify bonds, and create lifelong memories.  


Who is f3TCh for?

Our organization and events are open to all fathers and Their Children, regardless of circumstance, as any child could benefit from having a more meaningful relationship with their father. Though we do focus in on fathers with limited custodial influence, we always welcome any father wishing to have a great time with Their Children in the great outdoors.


Get involved


Ways you can become part of F3TCH



Every year we hold a 2-3 day camping trip. The purpose is to create meaningful experiences that create happy memories between dads and their kids. This is a 100% free trip and includes all meals, recreation, camping equipment and priceless memories. 



The organization holds canoeing trips throughout the year. We have plenty to go around and welcome families. 



We are a nonprofit organization, but we have financial needs that help support our group outings. We want to keep providing these outings at 100% no cost to members. If you support our cause, then please consider donating.